Matthew Sabatella and the Rambling String Band have released three albums and a few singles. They are available on all major music and retail sites. For information about solo recordings by Matthew Sabatella and his work with other artists, visit his website.

Over A Wide And Fruitful Land (Ballad of America Volume 1)
The journey on this CD begins in the latter part of the eighteenth century when the United States of America became an independent nation. It follows the paths of the pioneers, sailors, lumberjacks, immigrants, ’49ers, farmers, slaves, soldiers, cowboys, and railroaders who moved the country across the continent and into the twentieth century.

‚ÄčAmerica Singing (Ballad of America Volume 2)
The songs in this collection are among the most commonly sung in the history of the United States. They present uniquely American musical blends, with roots in European and African traditions and branches that have sprouted countless regional and personal variants throughout the country. Collectively, these songs of work, fun, and love transcend social and ethnic boundaries, painting a broad picture of America during the 18th and 19th centuries when music making was, for many, an integral part of everyday life.

Songs In The Life Of Abraham Lincoln (Ballad of America Volume 3)
Abraham Lincoln was a man of remarkable determination, compassion, honesty, humor, and melancholy. To explore the music he cherished is to better understand the man himself and the times in which he lived. From a childhood on the American frontier to a presidency that changed the course of history, Lincoln’s life unfolds through these Old World, play party, minstrel, campaign, slave, Civil War, and sentimental songs.

These individual songs recorded by the Rambling String Band are not part of an album.